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Keys To The New Place

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Multiple loan options help our customers get into their mobile mansion without delay.

Buying a House


Land-home loans combine your owned land or land that you wish to purchase with the mobile home you’re purchasing. In this case, a mortgage would be filed, and property taxes will be assessed annually. The benefit of this type of loan is that customers with mediocre credit may be able to qualify. The land-home process generally takes longer than other types of loans.

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A home-only, or chattel loan is when you purchase your new home by itself without using land. This type of financing typically requires a down payment of at least 5% of the price of a home (including tax). A higher down payment will result in a lower rate of interest and may increase your ability to buy your home.

Buying an apartment


This type of loan is similar to a Chattel loan, except with this loan, you may use owned land-in-lieu of a cash down payment. You may also use a combination of both land and cash for your down payment.

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